No Barriers

Action & Activism with Courthney Russell

Episode Summary

Erik and Dave chat with creator, activist, and social entrepreneur, Courthney Russell about his mission to leverage his medical degree and experience to be an authentic, determined, humble leader by example. From his nonprofit to his podcast, Courthney is on a mission to educate and create change in his community.

Episode Notes

Courthney Russell is a creator, activist, and social entrepreneur. 

At one time on a collision course with incarceration or death, Courthney turned his life around after high school when he applied and was accepted to a pre-med program. Though he found his calling in med school, he continued to struggle with homelessness until graduating in 2011. 

Courthney’s resolve to overcome his difficult life experiences propelled him to be the authentic, determined, and humble leader he is today. 

Courthney is the co-founder of A2H2, a non-profit focused on meeting the health needs of those experiencing homelessness in Atlanta; he co-runs WeUp, a company built on the idea of uplifting community through hope and empowerment; and he co-hosts the podcast, Humanize, which broaches uncomfortable topics with the goal of disrupting social order and creating a more just and equitable society. 


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