No Barriers

Coping with COVID with Dr. Kurt Papenfus

Episode Summary

Erik and Jeff speak with Dr. Kurt Papenfus, about his experience with COVID-19 and its aftermath. Dr. Papenfus talks about how he utilized his experiences in the climbing world to help him survive and recover and offers advice on how to stay safe in our changing world.

Episode Notes

Dr. Kurt Papenfus works in family practice and emergency medicine in the rural communities of Colorado. Kurt attended school at the University Of Colorado School Of Medicine where he graduated in 1986 and began to complete his internship and residency at St. Joseph Hospital in Denver, CO. Kurt has been involved in the Center for Disease Control, National Occupational Research Agenda, Oil and Gas Sector Council, and was an Occupational Safety and Health Administration Advisory Council member. Kurt was also the doctor for the USA Climbing Team on Mt. Everest with the USA-Soviet-Chinese in 1990 and 1992 and can be remembered as the doctor on staff for the movie “Cliffhanger” in which Sylvester Stallone played an important role. 


Dr. Papenfus featured on CPR

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