No Barriers

Creating Connections with Laurent Roffé, the Founder of Inclusive and Accessible Travel Company, Tapooz Travel

Episode Summary

Born in Casablanca to a multi-ethnic / multi-cultural family with roots in Europe, Africa, and South America, Laurent had the privilege of growing up, living, and traveling around the world. In 2012, after years of business in the technology and real estate arenas, he decided to take on a new adventure. With his wife, Aïcha Nyström, they started their own accessible travel company: Tapooz Travel. They focus on encouraging, supporting and assisting travel experiences for the community of people with disabilities and have organized accessible trips for hundreds of clients, from individuals and families to small group travel. Today, Tapooz Travel operates in over 27 destinations worldwide. Laurent and Aïcha’s share their passion and advocacy for accessibility and inclusiveness by contributing articles, collaborating and developing travel guides and other accessibility resources, delivering workshops and presentations, and advising foreign entities on the development of accessible tourism. Laurent is passionate about the outdoors. His greatest joy comes from hiking in the desert and kayaking in almost any body of water. Luckily, his spouse and kids share that joy.

Episode Notes


Laurent Roffé and Aïcha Nyström are the husband-and-wife team behind Tapooz Travel.

Prior to founding their accessible travel company in 2012, their diverse professional backgrounds included architecture, technology, business consulting, design and photography. 

Aïcha and Laurent have lived, worked and traveled across Europe, Africa, South America, the Middle East and the United States.

They have been involved with the disability community for many years, including volunteering as accessible outdoors expeditions trip leaders. 

Since the inception of Tapooz Travel in 2012, Aïcha and Laurent have organized accessible trips for hundreds of clients, from individuals and families, to small group travel. 

Today, the company operates in over 27 (and growing) carefully selected destinations in the US, Canada and worldwide.

Their deep experience and hands-on expertise translate into the ability to customize accessible trips to the specific requirements and budget of their travelers.  

Tapooz Travel is a member of ENAT, the European Network for Accessible Tourism.

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