No Barriers

Grit and Passion: Speaking with Pioneer, Tish Scolnik

Episode Summary

Tish Scolnik is the CEO and co-founder of GRIT, a social enterprise that created the Freedom Chair, which is the mountain bike of wheelchairs. GRIT believes that everybody deserves access to the outdoors and adventure, regardless of their physical ability. Tish graduated from MIT in 2010 with an SB in Mechanical Engineering and a Minor in Applied International Studies. She met her co-founders at MIT, and they came together around their shared passion to use their skills to make a difference. Tish is a 2009 Truman School for public service and a 2009 Glamour Top 10 College Women.

Episode Notes

Jeff and Erik spoke with our guest, Tish Scolnik, calling in from her Boston headquarters, about her journey to cofounding and running her own company: GRIT that created the Freedom Chair. Tish has been a longtime friend and supporter of No Barriers. Her Freedom Chair, the "mountain bike of wheelchairs" has been used by many folks at our No Barriers events to navigate tough terrain and help wheelchair users climb mountains that would be otherwise completely inaccessible. 

While at MIT Tish met her friends and co-founders who came together over their belief that everybody deserves access to the outdoors and adventure. They created a prototype of the Freedom Chair and brought it around the world. Many iterations later, they are still working hard to customize chairs and improve each new version for their many users - all with unique needs. 

Learn more about GRIT here.

Call GRIT at 877-345-4748

Message them at Facebook and Instagram @GRITFreedomChair. GRIT is a small team committed to their users and loves hearing their experiences.