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Meet Feminist Plumber: Judaline Cassidy

Episode Summary

Erik and our guest host, Tom Lillig, chat with self-proclaimed, Feminist Plumber, Judaline Cassidy on her barrier-breaking career journey. Special thanks to Prudential for sponsoring today’s episode.

Episode Notes

Judaline Cassidy hails from the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Having experienced, first-hand, the challenges and injustices women working in male-dominated fields face, Judaline has devoted her life and work to being a force of change. 

By day, she’s a history-making plumber in NYC, where she’s mastered her trade over the last two decades while fighting for equality in the construction industry. She dedicates every other waking second to her trademarked "Jobs Don’t Have Genders" activism, and to Tools & Tiaras Inc., the pioneering nonprofit she founded in 2017.

Through hands-on, mentoring workshops and summer camps led by tradeswomen leaders, her organization introduces girls and young women to skilled trades jobs like electrician, carpenter, plumber, and auto mechanic. Girls gain awareness of these rewarding and lucrative career options, along with invaluable life skills. Ultimately, Judaline is empowering girls with the grit, moxie, and self-confidence needed to succeed in whatever professional path they choose. A powerhouse role model, captivating speaker, founder of Lean In: Women In Trades, and recipient of numerous awards and recognitions, Judaline’s ability to inspire crosses generations and genders, and the impact she makes extends to her industry and beyond. Judaline was recently featured as one of CNN's 2020 'Champions For Change'.

Thank you to our sponsor, Prudential, for sponsoring this episode and more featuring alchemists like Judaline.


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