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Mindset Mastery with Christian Leeby

Episode Summary

Hosts, Erik and Dave, interview Expert Yoga Therapist and mindset guru, Christian Leeby. Christian speaks to his own experiences, disillusionment, and ultimately, his reunification with yoga. He offers his tips on mastering the mind and other insights for how to handle the struggles inherent to life, and especially in the time of COVID. This episode wraps our Alchemy Series, generously sponsored by Wells Fargo and Prudential.

Episode Notes

In his quest for contentment, Christian Leeby dedicated his life to yoga. After studying with the world’s greatest masters and teaching full time for over 25 years, he finally attained the lofty goal of “stilling the mind”. But it didn’t work. When life got hard, as it does for everyone, and he couldn’t escape to practice the yoga he loved, he fell apart. 

For two years all he focused on was trying to stay above water in an ocean of anxiety. Then everything changed when he found ancient knowledge from the Vedas that explained his exact situation. Contentment doesn’t come from making the mind still and feeling good for short moments. It comes from using the mind to transform its negative habits and empower our positive life vision. 

He created a Mindset practice that he did every day, and saw his whole life transform. Christian currently guides others in creating their own Mindset practices in his immersion course Calm To The Core. 


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