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Navigating at Home with Endurance Athlete, Rebecca Rusch - Extended Version

Episode Summary

Rebecca Rusch is an American ultra-endurance pro athlete, world champion, author, entrepreneur, Emmy Award Winner, and motivational speaker whose career has spanned numerous adventure sports including rock climbing, expedition racing, whitewater rafting, cross-country skiing, and mountain biking. Rusch was nominated to the International Mountain Bike Hall of Fame in 2019, owns seven World Championship titles in multiple disciplines and was a member of the US National Whitewater Rafting Team as well as several international adventure racing teams, participating in the Eco-Challenge (1997–2002), Primal Quest (2002–2006) and Raid Gauloises (2000, 2002, 2003) series.

Episode Notes

Part 6 of our Alchemy Series (sponsored by Prudential and Wells Fargo):

Our hosts, Erik and Jeff, meet with Rebecca Rusch - a familiar face from the adventure scene.  Rebecca speaks about her journey "home" and what that means in this pivotal moment in history. 

Known as the “Queen of Pain” with a heart of gold, Rebecca Rusch is a multi-decade professional athlete and 7x World Champion. Her career includes numerous adventure sports, and countless wins and accolades including induction into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. 

In 2017, Rebecca released an Emmy award-winning feature film, Blood Road, which followed her personal journey along the 1,200 kilometer Ho Chi Minh Trail. Now, as CEO of Rusch Ventures, she hosts her signature gravel bike event, Rebecca’s Private Idaho (RPI), Rusch Academy backcountry gravel camps, and her epic travel adventure MTB-LAO. 

She is also the best selling author of Rusch to Glory, a world-renowned motivational speaker, and volunteer firefighter. Finally, her Be Good™ Foundation, a nonprofit organization has raised over $500,000 for bike-centric charities on a local, national, and global level.

Join Rebecca for her Giddy Up for Good Challenge for COVID-19 Relief. Choose from four elevation challenges to complete over Memorial Day Weekend. Proceeds go to CDC, World Bicycle Relief, and People for Bikes.

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