No Barriers

Radical Innovation with Hadeel Ayoub

Episode Summary

Erik and Dave reconnect with tech designer and visionary, Hadeel Ayoub to chat about her incredible innovation: the BrightSign Glove, which can “translate any sign language into any spoken language - instantly.” Her work serves to give individuals with non-verbal disabilities a unique voice and is a stunning feat in the world of adaptive wearable technology. This episode brought to you by Arrow Electronics.

Episode Notes

In 2017, Hadeel Ayoub founded BrightSign, a wearable technology start-up. BrightSign develops technology pieces that employ AI to facilitate communication for individuals who need it, such as people with hearing or speech disabilities or children with non-verbal autism.  

Hadeel’s BrightSign Glove innovation has gained international recognition and has won global awards in Innovation and Artificial Intelligence. 

A special thanks to Arrow Electronics for sponsoring this episode as part of their series highlighting people pioneering inclusive technology. 


Twitter: @hadeelayoub


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