No Barriers

Relax to Recover with Dr. Subhasis Banerji

Episode Summary

Our hosts today are Erik Weihenmayer and No Barriers Board member, Tom Lillig. They speak with a renowned innovator, Dr. Subhasis Banerji about his cutting-edge technology, SynPhNe that helps people suffering from brain damage regain their independence, livelihood, and passion. This episode is sponsored by Arrow Electronics as part of a series showcasing folks who are utilizing technology to improve people’s lives, especially those with disabilities.

Episode Notes

Subhasis has spent about 20 years developing cutting-edge technology, 5 years of practicing therapy, and 10 years in clinical research with varying degrees of success and failure. His diverse background led him to invent and commercialize the world’s first fully wearable, connected brain plasticity training tool that trains brain and body in one system. 

SynPhNe is the outcome of his Ph.D. (Biomechatronics) study which he completed after recovering from a brain injury himself. He is passionate about neuroplasticity, movement analysis, learning mechanisms, and aging. 

He has been a yoga and martial arts practitioner for the past 40 years and is currently living in Singapore. He makes friends easily with those who love food, traveling, and adventure.

This episode was made possible by the support of Arrow Electronics. 


Visit SynPhNe’s Website:

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