No Barriers

Steve Emt, Paralympic Champion Curler

Episode Summary

Today we meet Steve Emt, vice-skip of the US Paralympic Wheelchair Curling Team. Steve is a life long athlete. He played baseball, soccer, and basketball in high school and set a few records along the way. In college he successfully walked-on to the storied mens basketball team at UConn. Steve lived for the chest-thumping, high-fiving, intensity of competitive sports… then the figurative curve ball of life came spinning in. And by curveball, I mean an unexpected event, that took away the use of his legs. That was over 25 years ago. Today he’s an olympic athlete; and an 8-time US National Champion in the sport of Curling. . You get the sense, talking to Steve, that he’s not the kind of guy that would let a life altering event stop his destiny, but as you’ll hear, the twisting path his life took, had no guarantees.

Episode Notes

Steve's Book: You D.E.C.I.D.E.: A 6-step action plan to becoming the hero of your own life

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