No Barriers

The Business of Elevating with Douglas Jackson

Episode Summary

Our seventh No Barriers element is “Elevate.” At No Barriers we believe that the real essence of leadership is how we pass what we have learned on to others. Giving others the courage to do great things, and elevating those around you, is the ultimate purpose of a No Barriers Life. Our hosts speak with CEO, Douglas Jackson who embodies what it means to lift others up through his work. We discuss his career of helping others and how he found this path.

Episode Notes

Dr. Doug Jackson serves as the President and CEO of Project CURE. Since 1987, Project C.U.R.E. has delivered equipment and supplies to hospitals and clinics in over 135 countries and was named by Forbes as one of the top 20 charities in America. 

In addition to delivering approximately five semi-truck-sized containers of medical relief each week, teams of medical professionals travel abroad to provide hundreds of hours of hands-on medical care and training through the C.U.R.E. Clinics program.

 Doug is a frequent motivational speaker to civic, corporate, and community organizations.